Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A brandy press?

Years ago, when my son was small, I did a rural paper route.  One place we went by had an old barn with an open area that housed a large wheel-like contraption.  I always wondered what that was.  One summer after some strong thunderstorms, we saw that the barn had collapsed, probably from a downdraft.
Just recently, I discovered an interactive website from the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources which shows historic sites all across the state.  Lo and behold, there is a site where I remember that barn standing.  It is listed as a brandy press. 
Another structure I've wondered about is listed as [housing] a cotton gin. 
If you happen to be interested in NC historical sites, you might find this web site interesting.

This is the barn that currently stands on the site listed as Freeman Cotton Gin.

Do you enjoy learning about historical sites?

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  1. We do enjoy visiting historical sites. In our travels we prefer that and natural wonders. I don't mind paying to see some things, but I prefer the things in the natural. When they are historic, it does add.

    Now we are having terrific down pours....