Monday, November 30, 2015

Oak leaves in November

Yesterday, on my walk around the local nature park, I admired the color of the oak leaves, about the only leaves left on the trees.  After some of the passing clouds cleared out, the afternoon sun lit up the top of this oak, which was very pretty against the blue sky. 

Near the power line where the sun could develop the color, this white oak had some lovely red leaves.  (There is a hickory tree in the foreground--no leaves left on it.)
Of course the evergreens still have leaves as you can see from this view over the lake.  The hollies, which were left for the wildlife, are sporting a heavy crop of berries this year.
I snapped pictures of the turtles, a lovely camellia, and the waterfall.  I only wish I could have captured the beauty of the sunlight shining through the woods on the tan beech leaves.  To me, the effect is magical, but I wasn't able to capture that magic on film.



  1. What a beautiful nature walk. I love it when the sun 'lights up the leaves'. The water shots are 'postcard' shots. I especially like the pond & reflections.
    The small stream and pond seemed perfect for animals.
    Good pictures, thanks for allowing us to follow along.

  2. Turtles on a pond, send me rushing back to a childhood memory:) Nice work.