Saturday, November 14, 2015

Parachuting beavers?--not just an urban legend

Occasionally, I will come across a story that sounds too strange to be true, but which actually is true.  Parachuting beavers?  Yep, it happened.  I enjoyed reading the story, the related backstory and watching the imbedded video. 
Can you imagine the little beavers listening to the story about how Grandpa and Grandma flew on an airplane to get here.  Okay, I guess that's taking it a little too far.


  1. Very interesting, what amazed me was the handling those dudes with fingers within reach of the Beaver's powerful teeth, i'd be a little skeered about my fingers.

    Loved the old trucks. This was very interesting... Doesn't fit with todays PETA(?) plans I guess.

    There are lots of cursing the Beaver up in the northeast of water rights. (smile)

    1. Yes, I was surprised that there were no leather gloves, especially with those feisty martens.

  2. That was an interesting piece. I noticed one of the guys had some places on his hand. I'd bet they all got bit a time or two.