Sunday, December 6, 2015

Apple/onion cream cheese appetizer

Somewhere along the line (a magazine, a cookbook?), I read that a chutney over a brick of cream cheese would make a quick and handy appetizer.  With that in mind, I came up with an appetizer that I sent with my son to a gathering.  He said it went over well.
Here is roughly what I did.  The key ingredient was a homemade apple/hot pepper jelly that had been given to my son a good while back. 
First, I sautéed in a little cooking oil over medium-low heat 1 chopped onion.  I cooked it for more that 20 minutes to develop a caramelized flavor.  Then I added 1 chopped McIntosh apple and 2 heaping TB. of apple/pepper jelly and heated till bubbly.  I cooled the mixture a bit before putting it in a container for travel.  At the dinner, my son assembled the appetizer by pouring it over a brick of Neuchatel cheese.  It was served with Townhouse crackers and Triscuit Thin Crisps.  It got good reports, and someone else took the leftovers home.
I've seen recipes lately calling for raspberry chipotle sauce or equal parts Rotel canned tomatoes and green chilis and raspberry jam over cream cheese.  That sounds good, but I never buy raspberry jam. 
Do you have a favorite jelly or chutney-cream cheese appetizer recipe?


  1. Sherry does a cheese ball, or used to when we went to gatherings. Now that I read that recipe, it sounds like it would be delicious over and around the cheese-ball, with the crackers. Now I am craving something hot and sweet with cheese. LOL Sounds great. (SOMEONE ELSE TOOK THE LEFT OVERS, WHAT?)