Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A day off for the veteran

My husband had today off, and we enjoyed a change of pace.  I thought the day was starting off successfully when I realized the snap trap that sprang last night had TWO small mice in it.  Two in one blow--never had that to happen before. 
We went grocery shopping together to take advantage of a Veteran's Day discount.  (I actually did the shopping while he poked around looking at this and that.  Occasionally I would spot him in another area looking at the merchandise.)
Then I talked him into taking a walk on another section of the Neuse River Trail.  This is the first sunny day we've had in a long time, so it was especially nice to get out.  This part of the trail is close enough to a major highway that there is the constant noise of traffic, but the scenery was very nice.

Then we ate at a restaurant which had a free entrée for vets.  He also got a free donut and a free car wash. 
It's been a good day for us.  I hope yours has been, too.


  1. Glad you guys had a good day, and thanks to Roger for his service. The walk seemed good, the road noise does detract, but when that is what you have, tis good you all can enjoy it. I am enjoying the shingles myself, (OUCH), but getting better. (I think)..

    1. I thoroughly enjoy the scenery, and I point out one sight after another. I try to start conversations, but they mostly don't go anywhere. I think Roger sees a walk as a chore to be completed. (And he may view my conversation starters as traps to be avoided.) I think he did like seeing the turtles; there were 8 of them on the log, and he did comment on how big they were. Roger is more auditory than visual so I asked him if he noticed the sounds more than the sights. I asked it in the form of a multiple choice question and he answered it as if it were a yes or no question.
      Well, I'm sure you are getting good care, so I do hope you are indeed getting better. I hope you will be completely well by the time your cruise rolls around. Prayers from here.