Thursday, November 5, 2015

Time change and less daylight

Switching back and forth to Daylight Saving Time used to bother me in the spring when we would "lose" an hour.  But now, both the spring and the fall change seem to get me a bit off kilter.  The daylight hours are getting shorter anyway, so when I hang clothes on the line, I have to tell myself that even though the clock says 9:00, it's just like last week's 10:00, so they will not have as long to dry.  Not that I've been able to dry any clothes on the line this week.  I hang them on the line only to bring them in wet when they get drizzled on.  It didn't drizzle today, but it was cloudy and the clothes were still damp at sundown.  Some people not far west of here were getting sunshine this afternoon, so hopefully we'll see some here by tomorrow.  At first the forecast was for rain Monday and drizzle Tuesday, and then partly cloudy Wednesday.  It seemed that every time I looked, the drizzle was extended another day.  Hopefully, we're done with that for a few days.
Here's what's been going on in the backyard.
I transplanted some elephant garlic from my Mom's garlic bed.  (I don't know what caused the crater.  It doesn't quite look like a dog track.  It just looks like a miniature sinkhole.)
I added more leaves to the compost pile.
I have a small patch of turnips and collards.

And the one volunteer zinnia which I covered when we had our frost has been rewarding me with lovely pink blooms.


  1. I get reminded from time to time last week this time it was x:xx. I don't like it, but it most work. WE have passed thru some state, I don't even remember which, that refuses to change. I am sure along the borders it is confusing.

    I love the fall veggies. I didn't know we grew any garlic in the area. There was never any garlic around our house that I knew of.

    We will take a day out today.

    1. I don't remember when or where Mom got the division of elephant garlic, but it was probably after I was nearly grown. It was an example of our expanding world in a similar way to using olive oil for cooking (and not just anointing). I don't think Mom uses it much. Even though it is quite mild compared to regular garlic, I don't think she has gotten used to cooking it.