Sunday, November 29, 2015


Even though I've never shopped one of their stores, I thought REI's idea of closing up shop on Black Friday and getting outside was something I could go along with.  The weather was warmer than normal, perfect for being outside, and I made a few trips over to the local nature preserve this holiday weekend.  I managed to time it well enough to see an airplane from the nearby airport drop some skydivers.  I could actually hear them yelling, "woo hoo" from where I was.  What hotdogs!  Some of them were turning somersaults.  I was content to watch from the ground.

Hope you had a chance to get outside this weekend.


  1. I want to sky dive, but I don't want to do that stuff. I figure to try it on my 80th birthday (If I feel real sick) that is so it won't make much difference if the chute do't act right. If I am well I will wait until my 90th BD.
    Good entry, I do like to see those guys cut up, but I have my concerns if I would reach the zenith, in a flip and not have enough momentum and fall straight into the chute! That would be NO FUN!

  2. Nope. I'm not jumping out of a plane unless it's on fire :)