Saturday, November 21, 2015

The hand-me-down mailbox

Our mailbox finally bit the dust.  The box itself (a plastic one that had been here over 20 years) was punctured by the hail back in April, and the post itself was rotting off at about ground level as posts will do.  My neighbors upgraded mailboxes after the hailstorm, and I took their old one, which still had some use left in it.  I had procrastinated about putting it up, but my hand was forced when I saw my box was completely down Thursday afternoon.  I dug a hole with a transplant spade, which is a lot easier on the elbows, wrists, and forearms than a post hole digger.
I pried my neighbors' house number off the post.  (We have enough mix-ups without adding to the confusion.)  I guess I will need to get new numbers soon.
Darling son took the old mailbox and post to the dump this morning.  I just need to find some time to weed around the clematis that grows by the mailbox.


  1. I see there is no slacker in you. Nice job and pretty smart also. Glad it wasn't vandalism, just old age.
    From Florida.... JD

  2. Waste not want not. It's about time to replace our mailbox. I'm going to get one of those big ones so the mail lady can put packages in it.
    JILDA always paints out name and number on our box which makes them look snazzy.

    1. I know a guy who works a mail route. He said the first day he worked it, he went and bought himself a larger mailbox because he realized what an annoyance it was to try to cram packages into a small box.

      I should do something creative with painting the numbers and our name on our box. One of our neighbors apparently let her young son help paint the mailbox; it is very colorful and has his handprint on the box. Because I used to do newspaper routes, I have seen lots of different designs of mailboxes. There is one not far from here which is spray painted gold and has a sawhorse body with a burlap "mane." It does give the impression of a lion. I'll probably just paint some numbers in black or buy the reflective sticker numbers.