Thursday, November 26, 2015

You can't roller skate in a watermelon patch

I just finished reading a couple of posts by a fellow blogger, and I've got thoughts running in all directions (but intersecting at the most unusual points).  He mentioned trying to photograph the full moon with unsuccessful results.  He also mentioned his empathy for soldiers away from home at Thanksgiving.  Well, I tried to snap a picture of the moon as it rose over the highway ahead of us as we came back from Thanksgiving dinner with my family.  You just can NOT take a low-light picture while you're bouncing along the highway (well, at least not if you expect it to look like what you are seeing).  And you can't roller skate in a watermelon patch!  I thought that was the phrase from a Roger Miller song, a song on a cassette that my husband nearly wore out when he was in Vietnam.  Actually the song says you can't go fishing in a watermelon patch and you can't roller skate in a buffalo herd (or swim in a baseball pool or take a shower in a parakeet cage or drive around with a tiger in your car or change film with a kid on your back--and I guess kids these days don't know what it means to "change film" in a camera).
So, here is the full moon above headlights and tail lights.

But it is possible to take a picture of the sunset while you're at a stop sign (especially if you ask the driver to pause a moment).
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.



  1. I had somethng strange occur. I posted a comment and it went away. I checked a couple more blogs and the same.
    Anyway, I love Roger Miller's ability to make sense of non-sense. LOL. Sunsets make the best shots.. None alike!
    Hope you had a great day also.

  2. I love that time lapse photo. My friend Dale and I set up a photo shoot in the late 1970s. We had 20 people with sparklers, Roman candles, flashlights and warning beakers wall all around an abandoned baseball field one night while we took time lapse pictures. We had a lot of crap, but we wound up with a few remarkable pictures.

    1. My little point-and-shoot camera has a setting for night pictures which I assume means a very slow shutter speed. Between my shakiness and the bumps in the road, that is the picture that resulted. I do find the colors captivating, though. I just hope I didn't accidentally write something in Arabic, lol!