Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Volunteer cilantro

The other day when I added some sugar maple leaves and meal-moth-infested rice to my garden compost pile, I noticed some little seedlings around the edge of the pile.  It was cilantro that sprouted from the seeds of the old cilantro stalks that I had put on the pile in spring.
I decided that was better than planting them myself, and I moved the compost pile over to another spot to give the area to the cilantro.
(Here's the newly moved pile (that has an addition of sugar maple leaves, infested rice, infested peanuts, kitchen scraps, weeds, and out-of-date powdered sugar underneath the layers of old pile with its briars and golden bell branches.))
I stuck some sticks from the compost pile upright to sort of mark some of the cilantro, and a day or two later I noticed some worm or snail had nipped off the marked ones.  Maybe some of the others will make it.  I will just have to weed out the hen bit that is also germinating like crazy.
Cilantro will over winter here in central NC.


  1. Amazing that you know this stuff from the sprouts. I once weeded my okra patch and left the weeks. It is hard for me to tell an apple tree untill I see the apples. haha!

    Love from a rainy Florida.

    1. We are getting a light rain here.
      With the cilantro, if there is any doubt as to what it is, I crush a leaf and smell of it. It has a very distinctive smell.