Saturday, October 10, 2015

A touch of pink in the autumn landscape

I love a touch of pink in the autumn landscape.  I have some volunteer zinnias  that are a lovely clear pink color.  One plant got top heavy and leaned over.  That turned out to be a boon, really, because all the little offshoots are headed straight up, making the one plant look like several.  All those tight little buds are in a race against the first frost (usually in October).
Another pink zinnia stands out against a white backdrop of rabbit tobacco.  I love this color combo.
I also have an azalea which sports a few blooms in the fall.  "Remontant" is the adjective that describes a flower that produces a second flush of blooms in a season.  I think this is a Robin Hill azalea that I bought ages ago on clearance at a home improvement store.
Such loveliness!

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  1. You did pick some beautiful contrasts in color. Yes, the pink lights up. Ahhh, Rabbit tobacco. I chewed it and smoked it as a kid. LOL I used to think Rabbits actually used tobacco. ;-)

    Love from Belmont