Monday, October 12, 2015

Monarch butterfly (# 15 of 15 butterflies)

Yesterday, I saw a monarch butterfly in the backyard.  It would hardly be still to have its picture made, but I managed to get a shot from a little distance.  I also managed to get an American Lady butterfly which makes a total of 15 butterfly pictures in 2015 without having to count the rather fuzzy picture I made of the zebra swallowtail.

Here is the monarch (and the rest)!
(got another shot this afternoon)
(this is the zebra swallowtail that I didn't have to count toward my total--a rather fuzzy picture)
14.  sachem
13.  American lady
 12.  red-spotted purple
 11.  viceroy
 10.  Carolina satyr
9.  cloudless sulphur
8.  common checkered-skipper
7.  silver-spotted skipper
 6.  question mark
 5.  red admiral
 4.  pearl crescent
 3.  buckeye
 2.  tiger swallowtail
 1.  clouded sulphur (or is this a sleepy orange?)
Which is your favorite?


  1. They are beautiful, I tend to call them all Monarch but I love #2 the Blue tail..

  2. I didn't see as many butterflies around here this year. I'm not sure why.
    We never use pesticides but it was quite dry for most of the summer.

  3. Also, you should put a follow by email widget on your blog. I do a better job of commenting when I get notice of your updates in email. Just a thought.