Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bale it

We've been in a protracted period of rainy weather.  I managed to get the front yard mowed Tuesday, but the back is looking pasture like.  As someone told me about his lawn, "I might have to bale it."
Besides all the rain, the other bad news was a break-in in the neighborhood and another totaled car for my husband.  Fortunately my husband wasn't hurt.
On the flower front--
the angel wing begonia,

the mum my husband bought for me a few weeks ago, (which I set on the porch before the deluge so it wouldn't get waterlogged),
the coleuses that I rooted,
the cyclamen,
and some sprouts of hurricane lily foliage (alas, no blooms this year).



  1. We are becoming a little water logged over here also. WE haven't had the steady heavy down pour they predicted. Hoping for a lot of water to help fill the rivers. The Catawba is down to about half it's width. The Mum is beautiful.
    I saw the cyclamen on the trail, they are very pretty and unusual. I did not know what they were. I think I guess a (something) slipper. I believe my mind is waxing old. LOL
    Love from Belmont.

  2. That was "I guessed it was a..."