Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Finally, a sunny day

The sunshine is finally back...  ...but it's in a different place.  After almost 2 weeks of rainy weather, it is good to see the sun again.  It's notably farther down toward the southern horizon than it was the last time we had a sunny day, evidence of the advancing season.  Seeing the sun after so many rainy days made me want to go out and take pictures of the sunlight this morning in much the same way I do after a snow in winter.

I snapped a shot of the loropetalum cuttings that I had made a week or so ago.  If they needed humidity to root, they've had every opportunity.  I really hope at least one roots because that will be a check on my list of things to do this year--"grow a new kind of plant."
The rose of Sharon cuttings that I made a month ago still have some green leaves; that's encouraging.
Here is the sunlight on a volunteer zinnia
and on the crepe myrtle trunk fronted by coleuses.
The goldenrod is fairly glowing.
So it's back to work!  Time to catch up on the yard work and laundry!


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  1. Yes, we also saw the sun today. NIce. I did get out and cut the grass yesterday in the gloom but it is done.
    I love the color in the pictures. My mama loved the coleuses. I think that is a crepe myrtle that barks like that, we have some here and that is what Sherry calls them. I painted Micky on one and now 1/2 his face is gone. (ILOL) I guess I thought it was a slick bark Birch. haha.

    Time to get to work...... Gotta get ready for the trip South. I did get an earlier appointment. I go Friday to get 'turned on'.