Thursday, October 15, 2015

A very old plastic ruler

The sugar maple tree that I planted in the front yard roughly twenty years ago has struggled, probably because of the roots growing in a circle and binding the tree.  Ds and I have tried to sever the roots that were binding.  Even though the tree has not grown like it should have, it still has provided some nice fall color.  Last spring, after the hailstorm, I spread compost and fertilizer around the tree.  With the added fertilizer and the pretty good rainfall amounts this year, the leaves had a chance to grow larger this year.  I decided to take a picture of one of those large leaves, and I needed something to show the size.  That's where the very old ruler comes in.  Years and years ago when I was still in high school, I spent a weekend with my sister at the university she attended.  We were fairly well behaved, and other than eating a bit too large of a pizza, we didn't get into any trouble.  It's nice to have someone who knows a place to show you around.  After the weekend was over, I rode a Trailways bus back to a small town about ten miles from our rural home.  That might have been my first time riding a bus like that.  So many times when I've tried to navigate my way through a new experience, it has been unpleasant to me, but this stands out as one time where I don't have any negative emotions associated with it.  I guess the little six-inch ruler came with the bus ticket.  I've kept the ruler because it is a great fit for my purse.  I liked the "extra measure of service" slogan--I thought that was clever.

Who knew you could measure time with a ruler?


  1. One will never know what is in a ladies purse! Millions of secret helps, coupons, mustard, jelly and a 6" ruler, an ancient ruler. LOL
    Neat. I hope the maple jumps up, wonder why the roots bind?

    1. I'm smiling because I actually DO have mustard and jelly in my purse! As highly unlikely as that is for me, I actually do.
      The roots sometimes bind when a tree is transplanted. I don't think it's as likely when the tree grows from a seed. At least, that is my understanding.

  2. We have a misplanted maple in our yard too. A few years after I planted it , I realized the mistake but it was past the point of moving so I let it struggle.
    It's still ther and it's beautiful in the fall. The leaves are not ad big as yours.