Saturday, January 24, 2015

Try a new food?

One of the suggestions ds made for my list of things to do this year was "try a new food."  Does this protein smoothie count?  I've never had one before.
I really was looking for something that had a probiotic for dh since he doesn't want to eat yogurt.  In the local store, there weren't any smoothies with probiotics, so I thought a protein smoothie might be something to try since he's probably not getting enough of that either.  I gave it a swallow to see what it tasted like.  I like the banana, orange, pineapple, coconut flavor, but I do not like the gritty texture.
I don't know--is soy protein supposed to be good for you?  Some people are eschewing soy because it's a mostly genetically modified crop here in the US, some because of the way it is subsidized by the government, and some because soy supposedly acts as an estrogen in the body. 
Hopefully this isn't the only "new food" I try this year. 
When I bought this smoothie, I saw a young athlete (grocery shopping with his mother--oh, the nostalgia) perusing the smoothies.  I pointed out the coupon dispenser ($1 off the Naked brand!) and I asked if there was any chance these smoothies might make me taller.  "I don't know.  It might work!"  Oh for the idealism of youth!

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  1. I make a smoothie 4-5 mornings a week. I start with apple, prunes and a little oatmeal. Then any other fruit I can find plus a hand full of pecans. I use Stevia or honey.
    WE have never tried a protein smoothie and do not know what probiotic is. Sherry says our friends from Missouri mentioned that on out last visit. I jsut cannot keep up. :) I like to try the foods that are predominate in areas we visit. The most let down I have been was Rappie Pie in NOva Scotia. The waitress said 'Its to die for.' All I could tell it was sort of a finly shaved potato. Must be their 'grits', Smile.

    But I am all for trying new foods (as long as they aren't soft and mushy.

    We have been inundated with RAIN. Black Florida MUCK..
    A couple missionaries from Kannapolis just came into the park. The E.L. Turners.

    NOte: The Naked just might make you taller, who knows? Naked will make you highly visable!