Wednesday, January 7, 2015

More roasted turnips

This time I did take a picture. 
We are expecting some artic air to pour into our area tonight, so I figured I would go ahead and harvest all the turnips that I wanted for this season.  I left some in the ground.  Sometimes I let them flower in the spring because the bees and other beneficial insects really love the blooms.  Some people mow over them in early spring and harvest more of the greens that resprout.
I roasted some of the small ones with some carrots.  I did not add any broccoli this time. (We were eating turnip greens with this meal).  I also dialed back the oven to 400 because I read that the smoking point of olive oil was just over that.  I liked the results.  (It's a good thing because I ended up eating the portion I had dished out for darling husband.  Some people...)

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  1. Smiling about R., It looks good. I have never had roasted turnips before but they sound good. I have never eaten a turnip that tastes better than RAW to me. I love 'em. Maybe one day when we settle and have an oven you can trust, I would like to try it.