Friday, January 9, 2015

The rest of the bird pics

Here are the other pics I wanted to post yesterday.
The temperature did not rise above freezing, so the birds had a hard time finding water.  I have left the water in the buckets that had tadpoles in it in summer.  The birds were checking that out.  I don't know if there was even enough thawed for a beak full, so I filled a dish with water for them.  You can see a blue jay checked for water in the bucket in the morning and a female cardinal in the afternoon.


Can you see the eastern phoebe in the dogwood tree?
I marveled that it found any live insects to eat, but I did see it dive to the ground several times.  Here it is on the crepe myrtle, feathers fluffed.
The brown thrasher live up to its name and thrashed the leaves looking for insects.
Today is a little warmer.  Hopefully the birds will have it a little easier today.



  1. I tried to think and I do remember the Thrasher and the common popular NC birds.
    I do not remember hearing the name Eastern Phoebe. Looks CCCCold.
    Bundle up!

    1. The phoebe is a flycatcher, so you probably just heard it referred to as that