Friday, January 16, 2015

A very rough afternoon

Yesterday, was a rough day for darling husband.  Fortunately, no broken bones--just abrasions and lots of soreness. 
I can see the side airbags deployed; that's good to know.

I think I'll post this well known poem in darling husband's honor.
I was sittin’ there mindin’ my business,
Sort of lettin’ my mind go slack,
When in walked a nurse with a bright sunny smile,
And a gown with a split down the back.
“Take shower,” she said, “and get ready,
And then you jump into the sack.”
And what she was really talking about,
Was that gown with the split down the back.
“They are going to make some tests,” she told me,
And now I’ll be stretched on a rack,
With nothing twixt me and the cruel cold world,
But that gown with the split down the back.
It barely reaches my knees in the front,
At the sides there is also a lack—
But the greatest shortcoming of all,
Is that bloomin’ ole split in the back.
Whoever designed this garment,
For humor, must have had a great knack,
But I fail to see anything funny,
About a gown with a split down the back.
It won’t cover my knees,
It flaps in the breeze,
And I sure don’t dare sneeze—
I’d much rather they give me a sack,
Than a gown with a split down the back.
I hear them comin’ to get me,
The wheels goin’ clickety clack,
I’ll ride through the halls on a gurney,
In a gown with a split down the back.
When I get to Heaven, it will make me no odds,
If my robe is white, red, or black,
But one thing I’ll ask
Is “Please, please give me one
With no split down the back.”

1 comment:

  1. BEfore laughing at the split down the back, I must say methinks Roger was lucky. It also makes me feel better about our Fit. Maybe safer than I suspected. I hope the soreness goes away a 'lot' over the weekend.
    Man that dude is tore up.

    Now hahahahahahahahaah about the split down the back!

    Love and also best wishes and prayers for Bro. Roger..