Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Night sky

Today was mild, and it was nice to be outside this evening as well.  I had occasion to be outside attending my fire where I had burned some prunings and fallen branches.  The stars were bright, and Venus was a lovely partner for the crescent moon in the southwestern sky just after sunset.  I took a picture of the pair.  I should have looked for Mars which would have been a little above and to the left of Venus.  I'll have to look tomorrow night to see if I see Mars.  It will be in a similar position in relation to Venus, but the moon will be farther away.


  1. It is good to read someone explain it. I just enjoy it. I do wish my camera would do that, but it will not.
    I do like the shot.

  2. I read that Mars would join the party:) I'm going to have a look too.