Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Looking ahead to spring

The sun is bright today and the pine trees are beautiful, their needles having been washed by the rain and burnished by the wind.  The blue sky and white clouds make a lovely backdrop.  We still have cold weather ahead of us, but the angle of sun is a little higher each day and lets me know spring is on its way.  I'm starting to see little signs here and there like sprouting crocus and daffodil foliage and swelling buds on the maple trees.  For the discerning eye, there is a steady procession of signs announcing the changing seasons.

pansies by the steps

new daffodil foliage emerging through the mulch of pine straw

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  1. It was a little chilly here today with the wind. Sherry said I bet it is cold in NC. On the average we are only about 8-10 degrees higher than the Charlotte area, but we seldom dip to below freezing, when we do we know it is REAL cold in NC.
    Love the Pansy. I knew a sweet girl named Pansy but she passed long before her time, much younger than I. The girls in that family were all named after flowers. I only know one more and she too is sweet, Violet.

    But Yep, Spring will spring before most of us know it.
    From lower Florida beside the Peace River!