Sunday, January 8, 2017

Feeding the birds in the snow

We've just had a winter storm that started Friday evening with rain, changed to sleet Friday night, and changed to snow Saturday.  The snow stopped Saturday afternoon, and we had not lost electric power by that evening, so I mistakenly assumed we would not.  What a big assumption!  We lost power shortly after midnight and were without for about 13 1/2 hours.  With no alternative heat, it got chilly inside.
Meanwhile, I'm sure the birds are having it tough outside.  I had been watching this Eastern phoebe this past week catching insects in the back yard.
What does it do when it's too cold for the insects to be out and about?
When I went to my local discount store to stock up for the storm, I decided to get some cheap birdseed and to splurge on some mealworms for the birds which eat insects.  (I was a bit amused when the cashier put the bag of mealworms in the same bag as the white cheddar popcorn.  I guess the birds would have thought that appropriate--snacks with snacks.)
The cheap birdseed brought in the cowbirds.  I'm not sure which birds might be eating the mealworms, but I haven't seen the phoebe or the bluebirds yesterday or today.  Tonight will be a frigid night, with temperatures plunging to 2°F or so, about as cold as it gets around these parts.
Here is a mourning dove on the deck rail, feathers puffed yesterday.

Here is a cardinal in the crepe myrtle just outside the office window this afternoon.
If the birds can hang in there for a few more days, they will enjoy a big warm up coming later this week.

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  1. You are a sweetie. I know the birds appreciated your efforts. A funny thing you mentioned the Eastern phoebe and I had never even heard of the bird (Not unusual) but the name stuck, since I knew a girl named Phoebe. So I had to looked it up and got an education. Thanks.

    Losing power is always a BIG problem when the temps are that low.

    We are even cool here in Florida, 42 at 8:30, heading down a bit, but warming up soon.

    Stay warm, Love from Florida!