Thursday, May 28, 2015

Siding job finally done

Nineteen days ago, the guys supposedly finished the siding job.  They missed a couple of boards and a piece of trim.  We let them know the job wasn't finished, but in the interim, darling husband paid them the final payment.*  They finally got by today to finish up.  It didn't take them very long at all--maybe 15 minutes to do the job.  What a relief to have closure and to not be constantly wondering when or if the crew would show up in my backyard unannounced.  I had asked darling son if he thought they would ever show up, and he said, "At an hour that ye think not..."  Ha ha, he was right. 

*I have noted how Naomi in the story of Ruth KNEW that Boaz would not let the day finish without taking care of business, and I think Boaz must have been a man like darling husband who will not let the sun go down without taking care of business (which can sometimes be a nerve wracking thing for a partner who wants to not rush things).  I thought the final payment should have waited until the job was COMPLETED, but dh wanted to get the paperwork finished.

I think I'm going to feel relieved when the reality sinks in that this job is done.  Then I guess I can worry about replacing the awning.  I had put that on the back burner while we were trying to do the other things.

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  1. YES it is frustrating in a situation like that. My son and I were different in that respect. I NEVER wanted to collect until the job was complete. Mark wanted the pas as soon as he could get it, and that was even when he did not need the money.
    There is a mental process that when the money is received the job is finished. Even honest people can put that last little bit off. I know the feeling and I seldom collected UNTIL.
    But the point is They did come back. I would have bet they could have found time within a few days had they not been paid. Well at least in this case (Ignoring the frustration of the lady waiting) the job did get done.