Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Evening update

After prepping the bed, I went by the local supply store to get some seeds and plants (and by the grocery store to use my $3/3 Klondike Bar coupon).  I'm going to forgive the guy for being less than helpful with the surveyor's tape last month because he gave me a free flat of tomato plants that were getting too leggy to sell.  My neighbor was there, too, and we discussed the plants and seeds we wanted to get--partners in "grime."
The bed I prepped today was prime real estate as far as my garden is concerned, and I dearly wanted to plant the squash and cukes there.  However, I had planted squash there last year, so I put some banana peppers and bell pepper plants that I had bought this afternoon there.
I removed the lower leaves as well as the green tomatoes from the leggy tomato plants.  Then I buried most of the stem in a trench.  Tomato plants will root readily along the stem.
(the picture was taken just before I covered the stem all along the portion of soil that is wet)
I only got 3 of the tomatoes planted.  All totaled, there were 8 peppers.  I worked up enough sweat to really appreciate a mint chocolate chip Klondike Bar.

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  1. Well Thanks for the education I did not know the tomato plant would root along the stem Good to know.
    'tis good the guy got redeemed. (smile)