Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bluegrass band competition at Fairgrounds

Today we went to the Got to Be NC Festival at the State Fairgrounds to watch a friendly bluegrass band competition.  I couldn't be in two places at once and would love to have taken in more of the festival, but I spent most of the time watching the bands.  The stage was right outside the Dorton Arena
next to the cascade.

The band Steady Drive won the competition.  Those guys are good and have a very smooth, consistent, traditional bluegrass sound.
Caleb was playing with Victoria Lee and New Ground (one of several bands he plays with).


They took the second place trophy!
Here is the band flanked by Jim Knight, manager of the Got to Be NC Festival (in the yellow shirt) and bluegrass DJ Buddy Michaels.  Way back even before Caleb was born, Roger and I used to listen to a bluegrass show on Sunday afternoons hosted by Buddy Michaels.  Good memories, there.
Congrats to Victoria Lee and New Ground!

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  1. He second place is great. The little boy is looking good (smile), also must be good on that mandolin.. It looked like a relaxing atmosphere.

    Congratulations to New Ground. Neat.