Tuesday, May 19, 2015

In the garden, FINALLY

We have been getting some asparagus (though it's not a favorite veggie in this household), and I did plant some garden peas the day before the hailstorm.  Other than that, things have been on hold because of the craziness of the repairs.  You wouldn't think it would be so crazy, but it managed to be.  The total number of days it would have taken the crew to do the work would have been four or five, but there were all kinds of obstacles.  One of the big things was trying to chase down a source for our discontinued siding.  We ended up ordering a couple of boxes from 90 miles away.  Then we were flummoxed when that ran short of being what we needed.  We found another half box about 150 miles away.  Each time, the boxes were shipped to a place a little over 30 miles from here.  Darling husband made 2 trips there for the two shipments of siding.  Darling son made 1 trip there to switch the color of the corner board.  I made 1 trip there to get the right color of J-channel.  I hated never knowing when the work crew would show up.  Once the guy appeared unannounced to bring the shingle samples.  Once he appeared unannounced to check the color of the fascia trim.  One Saturday morning the crew appeared to SUPPOSEDLY finish the work.  (They missed two boards and a piece of trim--so the work is STILL not complete.)  Then there were the days when I thought they were coming, but they did not show up.  There were a few of those.  So a five-day job has become a five-week headache, and it's still not finished.  The windshield was the same thing.  Only a day or so after my windshield was replaced, the little rubber piece (molding they called it) started flapping.  Finally, we arranged for the guy to come back out to redo what had not been done correctly the first time.  The window of time I was given for this 10-minute glue job was 5 hours.  So, I can expect the guy any time from noon to 5:00.  Of course, it turned out to be a few minutes before 6:00 before he was able to get here, LOL!
(Of course, I had a few days of what my mom refers to as gallivanting, which she averred would always interfere with getting the stuff done at home.)
But, FINALLY I was able to get out into the garden yesterday.  It was therapeutic.  The scent of the soil and the bolted cilantro, the sight of peas growing and the lady bugs that always seem attracted to them, the physical activity of clearing out the old turnip bed--it all seemed to relax me.  I worked some late this morning, too.  I began digging the bed with my broken, three-tined fork (and the wretched cow-itch vine that I broke the fork trying to remove last year is growing back).  Caleb helped me screen some compost.  I didn't work that long, but I might have gotten a little too hot.  I'm a few days outside the window of time to plant squash and cukes, but I'm going to try my best to get seeds in the ground today.  Here are some pics of the goings on.

the ladybug...

the peas...
the garden bed before...

and after...

I'm picking out the little twigs of dead Leyland cypress that were left in the bed from the hailstorm last month.
It's so good to be back in the garden.



  1. Looking good, like the lady bug.
    Yep those things happen trying to match old siding. I had the same thing happen with brick once, finding short stacks of the pattern miles away in different directions.

    Usually what you describe is what happens as we work to save money by getting the supplies there, instead of paying someone else to do it. most of the time it does work to our advantage...

    But then it allows you to Gallivant! (smile)

    1. Unfortunately we weren't doing this to save money; this was just the closest Norandex distributor to us.
      And I didn't really count going to Garner as gallivanting. I was thinking more of the fun stuff like the river run, the bluegrass competition at the Fairgrounds, and the disc golf.
      Hey, maybe I should have just turned up the radio and let my hair down and enjoyed the trip to Garner, too, lol.