Saturday, May 30, 2015

Out and about the yard and garden

I'm enjoying the progress of things in the yard and garden.

Little green peas are forming.

Squash plants are emerging.
Tomato plants are growing.

Then there are the mysteries...
At the end of driveway, there is a puddle (which I'm sure would be a little smaller if everyone drove in as gently as I do).  When there is water in it, the birds use it for bathing or drinking, and the neighbor's dog gets a drink on occasion as well.  I kind of gauge how dry the weather is by whether or not there is any water or mud in the puddle.  (We did get a thundershower a few days ago.)
Today when I checked the mail, there was mud on the mailbox.  How in the world did that get there?  Nobody turns in the drive rambunctiously enough to splash mud from the puddle onto the mailbox.

Aha!  It must have been the puddle bathers.  They left their prints!
Meanwhile, "back at the ranch," Toad is guarding the tomato plants.  The tag says "Early Girl."  I guess the early girl gets the bugs.
That's what's happening here.



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  1. Someone is going to eat well. The toad is going to much earlier than you guys. Neat detective work on the mail box.! (smile)