Friday, May 8, 2015

From my son

Yesterday, when my son got home from work, he said, "Come here a minute.  (You don't need your shoes.)"  I had been doing yard work and had come in and taken off my shoes.  I stepped out on the porch to see these lovely arrangement on the rail.
"Happy Mother's Day!"
Well, what do I say? This is such a lovely arrangement.  This represents a few hours sanding cabinets in a cabinet shop.  This means my young man knows how to choose an appropriate and generous gift in a timely manner. 
I will certainly enjoy this container of flowers.

The plants weren't labeled by name, but I think they are as follows:
  • red verbena
  • blue lobelia
  • white petunia (not in bloom yet)
  • asparagus fern
The care instructions indicated they need to be shielded from harsh afternoon sun.  That means the ideal location would be on the deck rather than out front, but for now, I'm putting them out front where everyone can see them.