Friday, February 27, 2015

Suet feeder

About a week ago, I bought some suet for the birds.  I deliberated on whether to buy the little wire cage for it.  (I think the squirrels ruined the last one I had.)  A lady who was looking for birdseed noted that the suet could be put on a pine cone.  I thought that would probably keep so much from falling to the ground.  At first I hung a pine cone that swung freely.  It was funny to watch the birds land on the attached stick and whirl around like a merry-go-round.  The brown thrasher found that set up impossible.  The second go round, I fastened the cones more securely and also close enough to the limb that the brown thrasher could reach it.
Carolina wren

the mockingbird got some suet that fell to the ground

tufted titmouse

Carolina chickadee
brown thrasher
brown thrasher and chickadee together

chipping sparrows

tufted titmouse

the red-bellied woodpecker ate the milo that the other birds left



  1. What a novel idea and it produced some great 'post card' type photos. I believe that is the first red headed wood pecker I have seen posted on any blog.
    Neat catch.

    1. I noticed when I spread the bird seed on the deck rail that the millet (little white seeds) were eaten first. The chickadee would go for the sunflower seeds. Generally the milo (bigger red seeds) were left. I think that was all that was left in the bird feeder. When I put the suet out, I thought for sure that I would catch the woodpecker on the suet, but I never did.
      The woodpeckers have such a neat color pattern.