Friday, February 13, 2015

More birds counted

First, let me say I continue to be surprised at the number of birds drinking from the overturned thermometer on the deck.
Caleb and I spotted this brown-headed nuthatch drinking there.  I was too shaky to get a good picture, but at least it's evidence of what we saw.
Even the junco (which we called the snowbird when we were kids) drinks from the improvised water dish.
We got lucky and saw two phoebes at one time.  One was using the same perch on the crepe myrtle limb.
At one point, a bluebird lit on the limb at the same time a cedar waxwing lit a little higher up.  I took a chance on the bluebird moving first, so I snapped his picture first.  Alas, the cedar waxwing moved first, so I didn't get it's picture.  (But isn't Mr. Bluebird handsome?)
If you look closely in the center of this picture, you will see a chickadee drinking sugar maple sap that is dripping from a hole made by a woodpecker.

Later, when I was coming back from taking a walk, I saw four light colored birds.  I took a look through my binoculars.  Yes, they were cedar waxwings.  They had landed in the top of a small oak, catching the last bit of sun on a very cold day.  I did manage to get the evidence that they were there even though they were farther away than the one I had seen earlier.

Another pretty sunset... a cold night in store.  I hope the birds find a sheltered perch for the night.

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  1. You guys seem to have knack of getting some good bird pictures. And the sunset is good. Love sunset shots... Probably my age. (smile)