Friday, February 27, 2015

"Blue skies smiling at me..."

"...Nothing but blue skies do I see."

I checked the local weather forecast this morning, and it said partly to mostly cloudy skies.  Hmmm.  As Caleb said once when the forecast and the outside didn't match, "I'm going with what's outside!"
So, I've got a load of laundry rinsing, and, honey, is the laundry backed up because of the snow days!  Maybe the clouds will roll in later, but I hope the laundry can dry on the line first.
There have been too many mornings with icy roads lately, so I'm glad to see the sunshine and blue skies!


  1. Ah, I think it is called Carolina Blue! Beautiful skies. Imma thinking you are the only hold out I know that still hangs clothes out to dry.

    I remember it very well. Once it was my time to hang the diapers out, and the Clay/ Liston fight was coming ont he radio. I told Sherry Iwould be back in for the second round. When I came back in, she said it is over! WHAT? My man Sonny lost in one round IMPOSSIBLE losing to a loud mouth! On the radio there was no INSTANT REPLAY it was what it was! And in the boxing world CAsius Clay proed he was more than a big mouth!
    But that was one load of laundry I have regretted hanging out. (smile)

    1. Are you sure you wanted to hear your guy lose?
      When we lived in an apartment before we moved here, we used the pay washers and dryers in the apartment complex laundry room. That was a chore. The water to the washers was heated by gas, and I thought the apartment manager was too cavalier about running out of gas. (It cost me just as much to wash in cold which was not nearly as effective at cleaning. Maybe the dryers were heated by gas, too. I know it was a pill went the gas ran out.) Then, too, you had to be right there when the washer finished or some aggressive person would unload it for you in order to have your machine.
      When we moved here, we bought a used washer and dryer. After the dryer bit the dust, I was too cheap to replace it.