Sunday, February 8, 2015


I'm always delighted to see a crocus or daffodil bloom in spring.  The area between the sidewalk and porch is terribly neglected and I had searched in vain to see any crocus foliage amongst the weeds.  I was afraid it had been choked out.  But the indomitable flower showed itself in grand fashion today.  I was delighted.
Also delightful in a neglected environment is the sight of a cardinal drinking water from an overturned outdoor thermometer on the deck.



  1. The Crocus is breautiful, I love the color. Isn't this awfully early? When we were stationary, I always loved to have a place for birds to find water. I love to see them enjoy it, even bath.

    Love from central Florida...

    1. This is the typical time for crocuses. The early daffodils will be blooming in a couple of weeks.