Saturday, February 14, 2015


My usual posts on this blog are about pleasant things.  This post is not! Skip it if you'd like; you've been forewarned.

I'm irritated!  First I'm mad at State Farm Insurance because they only wanted to pay $370. for the vehicle that was demolished by another driver (i.e. not dh's fault).  You know, years ago we had car insurance with [I believe this was State Farm, also], and someone was fraudulently collecting money from our policy.  We asked how we could be paying out money on an imaginary accident:  didn't the agent verify claims with police reports?  The agent said my husband or I had called and over the phone verified the [imaginary] accident.  Really??  That makes me wonder if the agent was in on the scam.  That was years ago.  We dropped them, of course. 
Anyway a 2008 Honda Fit that dh was driving every day, that he kept the oil changed in, that was humming along.  So the car that we bought (for much much more than $370!!!) broke down the first day we got it.  It needed a new radiator.  Just getting that cost more than the $370.  Then dh had it in the shop for around $1000 worth of additional repairs.  If you've ever watched the Andy Griffith episode where Barney buys a used car, and Gomer lists all the things he is going to need, you know how we feel.  (Of course, this was not anything against the person selling the car; they sold it in good faith.  It's just that the car was at the point of needing certain repairs and upkeep.)
Then there was the whole sticker shock of health care that I've been putting off for a long time.  So, now Uncle Sam is requiring me to sign up for insurance, and I just spent a LOT of time on a website entering info, only to get to the end of the process and be told they couldn't verify my information because their system was down.
Good grief! 

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  1. The rant is logical, honest and needed to be said. What a mess we have gotten inot with Inurance, INCLUDING the National Health plan... OUCH

    I hope by next week things will be better. I would definitely tell Sate farm to FIX MY CAR or I would get an attorney. Something is rotten in (not Denmark) but in the system!