Saturday, February 21, 2015

It's been a cold week

We are forecast to be above freezing today for the first time since Wednesday.  The low yesterday was 7° F in this area.  We still have some icy patches on our street.  Icy roads are always a headache because dh MUST go out.  Interestingly, the area close to home was the worst that he traveled. 
We had wintry mix Monday night/Tuesday morning.  Then Wednesday we got a couple of good flurries.  As the first one passed, the sun began shining through the clouds.  I don't remember when I've ever seen the sun shining at the same time it was snowing.  I had done well and gotten the clothes off the clothesline before the first flurry, but I miscalculated and thought the flurries were done.  I went to the grocery store and came out to see thick snow blowing sideways across the parking lot.  The windshield was already coated but fortunately the car and road surfaces were still warm enough to keep it from being a problem.
Here are some pictures from around here this week.  The pictures from Perry's Pond are Caleb's pictures, taken yesterday.





As picturesque as the snow is, hopefully, the coldest weather is behind us for this winter.  We do have some more cold weather coming next week, but it shouldn't be quite as frigid.


  1. I agree, the snow is beautiful, and makes some great pictures, but there comes a time when you want to be warm. That is easy to say from Florida, but WE DO REMEMBER, plus we still think of the Grands up in NC hoping for warm. (And I am concerned about frozen plumbing)
    But to the photos', like the subjects and enjoy seeing what Caleb chooses to shoot.
    Love from Central Florida, hoping that that is the LAST cold snap of the year. (At least it isn't Boston!)

    1. Well, about what Caleb chooses to shoot... those were pictures I asked him to shoot for me while we were riding together yesterday! :-)

    2. That's fair, a mama's options, but that don't mean you always get what you want. hahahaha!
      Love fromdown here...