Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Old books

If ever I am rich, I shall collect old books.  (Or maybe by the time I'm rich, the books I have will be old.)
I have an online acquaintance who is a writer who collects old style manuals.  I found that interesting.  I only have a few books that are old that I've collected in quite a haphazard fashion.
Passed on to my father by my grandfather was a book entitled The Deaconship.  It was originally written in 1846 and reprinted in 1946.  I have permanently borrowed it.  It's a small 6 1/2" x 4 1/2" book.  Besides being interesting in its own right, the book bears the underlining in red pencil of portions that my grandfather highlighted.
Another old book I have is one I picked up at a thrift shop, Winning Declamations and How to Speak Them.  It has a copyright of 1924.  Do people declaim nowadays?

My third old book had quite a bit in it to amuse us.  It is Webster's High School Dictionary with a copyright of 1892.

Of course, some words present a much different image now.  Observe the illustration of ambulance, "a flying hospital."

A clipping tucked between the pages advertised "Harriet Hubbard Ayer's Cream Cleansing Soap" and other "Bathroom Requisites."
 There was a clipping from the December 10, 1934 edition of the Raleigh Times which had a copy of "The Famous Christmas Poem by Clement Moore," "The Night Before Christmas."  My guess is that Good Ole Santy Claus missed a few houses that year what with the nation still in The Great Depression.


Old books--a connection to a time past.

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  1. Very interesting indeed. I only collect more current books and hold them until read. However I did own two. Given to me by an old Apostolic Minister (He Musta been 150yrs old). He was married to an Indian princess and lived in Kirksville, MO. He gave me an original Sam Jones and an original (A senior moment I cannot think of the evangelist of the 1800-1900 era.) I enjoyed the books and gave them to my Dad who in turn gave them to my BIL who was a minister. Oh it was a Billy Sunday. I am not sure of the dates, but the princess had met Sam Jones.
    Anyway, this is a neat subject... i like that permanently borrowed statement.