Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lilies, lilies, lilies

Lilies are lovely!
The oriental lilies are blooming now.  They are even lovely in bud, I think.  This cultivar is 'Montana.'  It's very fragrant, though not everyone will appreciate the fragrance.  It is slightly spicy, but also has the fragrance that overwhelms more sensitive noses.  When I made a bouquet to put on the piano last year, my husband demanded to know what they were.  Then he commented that they smelled like the funeral home.  I'll just let them beautify the outdoors.

The daylilies are great because the different ones bloom at different times, giving a long season of color.
This is 'Final Touch,' an impressive lily, in my book.  It is blooming now and will have blooms much later in the season as well (hence the name, I suppose).
Here is a picture of my daylily 'Final Touch' that my son took last year.  You can see it was sporting an extra petal (and extra stamen) on the blooms last year.
The yellow daylily (a chance seedling, he said) that my brother gave me is still in bloom.  As an added bonus, it is lightly fragrant.  Here is a bloom from today.
My brother also gave me another "chance seedling" yellow daylily which is a little creamier yellow and not as tall.  It is a prolific bloomer.
Also in bloom now is a double orange daylily which I dug up from the now abandoned place where my husband's parents used to live.
Another lily in bloom now is the tiger lily.  This was passed along from a lady to my brother and from my brother to me.  The tiger lily is an old favorite.
Now for an update on the ginger lily:  the one (on the right) that got hit with the herbicide is looking pretty fried, but the other one is looking pretty good.
All the lilies are certainly adding beauty to the landscape in July.

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