Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Highway 56 Band at Johnny's on Main

Last Saturday, we had a nice evening at Johnny's on Main in Franklinton, NC.  I had a very tasty burger with mushrooms and Swiss cheese (and a little A1 sauce) and some excellent fries.
But the main attraction was the band.
Now can you explain to me how that just a few short days ago my little fellow was doing this

and now he's doing this? 
As I listened to him playing the mandolin, I kept thinking, "Is that my little boy playing so well?"
The band has a few videos posted on their Facebook page.  If you want to hear Caleb playing the mandolin, check out their videos.  (Look for the July 12, 2014 entries.)  I really like "Freight Train Boogie."  (There are three videos from Johnny's on Main.  The one where it is still daylight is "Freight Train Boogie."  Of course, I like them all--he plays a mean break on "Rocky Top," and on the farm auction song, he makes it sound like two instruments.)
It was pleasant weather for July, and we watched the full moon rise behind the band as they played.  It was really a lovely night out.


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  1. Okay, I am smiling. I love the pictures of Caleb when he was a kid. Yeah they tend to get older and we stay the same until 70 then WHAM we are OLD. I hope one day to meet Caleb, I do like him already, just from his mama's talk about his humor. Love it.
    From the Catskills... Sherry & Jack