Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Texas mallow

It's downright fascinating to me how we can happen across info we've been looking for.  I have a plant in my yard that was given to me several years ago by the late Millie Clark (the same lady who gave me the ginger lily).  I could tell the bloom looked a bit like a hibiscus bloom, so I thought it might be a mallow of some sort.  (The mallow family includes plants such as rose of Sharon, okra, cotton, and hollyhock.)
Anyway, someone had posted a picture of a littleleaf sumac on a forum I frequent.  In tracking down the littleleaf sumac id, I found a picture of a plant like mine.  Now I know I have malvaviscus arboreus in my yard. 
Here are some pics of my Texas mallow.

Another plant mystery solved!

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