Thursday, July 17, 2014

A nature walk with a friend

I had a wonderful lunch and afternoon with my friend Lea.  She made us a very tasty homemade pizza and brownies and lemonade.  Yummy!
Then we explored the outdoors.  There were lots of things to see:
 a millipede,
 an oak gall,
 a piece of a tiny eggshell--perhaps of a white-breasted nuthatch,
a wild turkey feather,

a mushroom big enough to shelter Leprechauns,

some rattlesnake plantain,

some spotted wintergreen,

and an Eastern box turtle.
We took a little time to look around an old abandoned homestead
with its house,
magnificent oaks,

out building with black walnut arching over it,

and tobacco barns, both log construction
and board-and-batten.

(Tharrington, supplier of tobacco barn furnaces)
Also on the property were several spicebushes.
One of the highlights of our outing for me was seeing all the Indian pipe plants.  I only recall seeing Indian pipe plants once before.  They are unusual plants:  they have no chlorophyll, but live as a parasite on a fungus that is in a symbiotic relationship with a tree.  (Pretty kinky, if you ask me.)

What a great afternoon!



  1. I enjoyed YOUR visit also. I love to explore the abandoned, and wonder at the past. How ever, I no not the names of the beauty that surrounds me, but it does not stop the awe and pleasure it brings.
    Good stuff, especially a mushroom for Leprechauns,(smile). As a former builder I can appreciate the several different styles of construction in this short discourse.
    From the Catskills for another day.

    1. Lea was the one who could tell if the mushroom was large enough for Leprechauns. ;-)