Monday, June 5, 2017

Blueberry bonus

I think I've used my last pack of blueberries in the freezer making smoothies.  We should have blueberries coming in by the end of the month.  In the meantime, we were delighted with some organic blueberries that my son received in the surplus produce that is dropped off at his worksite.
I've made a couple of batches of muffins and a pie.  These blueberries were grown in Mexico (and certified organic by the USDA).  I don't know what variety they are, but the blossom end is not smooth.  That's a minor negative, but it is outweighed by the flavor, which is better than the Tifblue and Delight I grow.  I have a Premier growing at my mom's, and it has a better flavor than Tifblue and Delight.  I would have to compare it side by side with these to know which is better, but I think these might have a stronger blueberry flavor, the standard being the low growing wild ones we found as kids.
Hurrah for blueberries!


  1. I eat blue berries, Sherry is a /blueberry nut. I don't think she knows the different variety's. I am a blackberry person, but will eat blue berries but do prefer them in something (muffins, etc).

  2. We have several varieties here at our farm. So far we've picked four gallons. I'll pick them again when the rain moves out.
    Those muffins look scrumptious.