Friday, June 16, 2017

Trying to prove she still can (make a pie crust)

I remember as a youngster listening to Jerry Lee Lewis' song "Middle Aged Crazy" on an eight track tape.  It was sort of sad to me in a way, though we kids found a way to make it funny.  The line that said, "Don't look for the gray in his hair, cause he ain't got any...." seemed to call for us to add "hair, that is."  Bald at 40, that was funny.
In any case, there did seem to be a bit of haunting pathos to the phrase "trying to prove he still can."  Just yesterday, I said I had gotten lazy in my old age and just used store bought pie crusts.  However, on my last trip to the store, the premade crusts were all broken, so I passed on them.  I thought it might be better just to make my own than make another trip to the store.  Yeah, I had something to prove.  Some folks are organized and make it look easy.  Check out this video if you want to see what I mean.  I wouldn't have wanted to video my process, but the pie came out looking pretty good in the end.  We haven't yet done the taste test on the pie, but the little crust scraps I baked were very good.  I used coconut oil and real butter in the crust.

Now I just need to get a sports car and some high boots.


  1. MMMMMM That one looks good! Never made a piecrust, but my mama said they weren't the easiest things to make.

    1. I think the trick is the surface they are rolled out on. I know things got a lot easier once I started using a muslin pastry cloth.
      I think the going thing now is the silicone mat.