Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Garden update

The weather has been mostly favorable for the vegetable garden this year.  Here are some pictures which show what's going on in my garden.
This is the best garden bed I have.  The two elephant garlic blooms have been standing sentinel for quite a while now.  I like the ornamental touch they add, and I've been pleasantly surprised at how long lasting the blooms are.  Beyond the elephant garlic are some good looking bell peppers, then squash.  Beside the elephant garlic are some of the French marigolds I planted from seed I had gotten from Mom.
Here is a closer view of the peppers.  I think these are the best looking peppers I've had in years.
The round wire cages I have for tomatoes are never sufficient, so I decided to use the system my grandparents used.  Darling husband helped me drive some stakes in, and I fashioned "cages" around the stakes using strips of an old sheet.  

The variety is 'Early Girl,' and it should be ripening soon. 
Next to the tomatoes are the garden peas, which were a bust this year.  Besides the attacks from aphids, stink bugs, and powdery mildew, what I suspect is fusarium wilt ravaged them.  We did get enough to taste, which is important to me; and all is not lost because that bed is prepped for a succession crop of green beans.  I will probably try to plant the peas a little earlier next year since fusarium wilt favors warm soil temperatures.  I might try a different variety, too.  That seems to be the recommended strategy for dealing with fusarium wilt on peas.
I prepped a short row and planted some butterbeans for darling husband.  Prepping with hand tools is a lot of work.  The beans are coming up nicely.  There is row of cat tracks just to the left of the emerging beans.  I don't have a cat, but I hope the one that visits here is catching some rodents.
Beyond the butterbeans are two hills of cukes.

Above the cukes is the asparagus bed.  I have finished harvesting for this year and am letting the foliage grow.  I've had to weed lots of morning glory seedlings out of the bed.
It will soon be time to dig the potatoes.  The 'Adirondack Blue' will be the first to be ready.
Then I'll harvest the 'Yukon Gold' and 'Kennebec.'

So far, we've eaten asparagus, garden peas, new potatoes, and squash.  I'm looking forward to tomatoes and peppers soon.



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  1. Nice. You put a lot of work in that. I know the taste is the reward. It is all looking great! Thanks for the tour of the garden, I like the way you have it.