Thursday, June 15, 2017

Am I affecting the beetle population by hand picking?

The beetles are back.  In glancing back through my blog with the search term "beetles," it seems I'm not making a dent in the population of Japanese beetles.  I wonder if they would be worse if I didn't bother trying to pick them off.  I have to ask myself if there are enough of the ones that I can't reach that they attain their maximum sustainable population each year anyway.
Anyway, I've tossed quite a few over to my neighbor's chickens, and I've also drowned some in sudsy water.  Here are some I knocked off over the course of a couple of days (not counting the ones I gave to the chickens).

All I can say is here we go again.


  1. Wow, NO! it doesn't look like the population is diminishing, but you have most likely saved some of your plants anyway! But then you know that. That is pretty personal intensive, I would think.

  2. They are here too. I picked a dozen or so off our basil and tossed them to the chickens.