Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Female cardinal on nest

Most often bird nests stay hidden from me until winter when many trees have shed their foliage.  Today, though, I just chanced to see a nest in the little dogwood tree in the backyard.  The tree is one I dug out of the woods many years ago.  I think I planted it two or three times before I was completely satisfied with its location.  It is gratifying to see a nest in a tree that I planted myself.  I thought I could see a bird in the nest.  On closer inspection, I could see a female cardinal.  The give away was the bright beak.  Honestly, in this weather, I think the eggs would hatch even if she didn't sit on the nest, but I guess her instinct is to sit there regardless.
I saw her yesterday in the crepe myrtle which is beside the dogwood.  She appeared to be going after a beetle.  Good for her!
I guess she will raise a brood of birds that will grow up to steal my blueberries.  The main thieves of my blueberries are the cardinals and mockingbirds.
Meanwhile, in the front yard, the bluebirds are taking food to the bird box.  I think this is their third brood this year.  I can't imagine how hot it must be inside the birdhouse. 
The brown thrashers sometimes nest in the golden bells and sometimes in the blueberry bushes.  I'm not sure where they nested this year, but I see one frequently bathing in the water dish that sits on the ground under the sycamore.
I'm glad my yard is full of birds.


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  1. Bird watching is good cheap entertainment for us at home in NC. Here it is fun to see the gangly Sand Hill Cranes that visit almost daily.
    So it is Red Birds against the Blue berries! The cardinal male and female are my favorite birds, I guess since Grammer school when I learned The CArdinal was the state bird. I named my fist wagon Red Bird. ;-)