Monday, July 18, 2016

Rescued clematis in bloom

The clematis that I rescued last summer has made it.  The house next door was under foreclosure when a hired lawn service came in and whacked the clematis (which was in bloom at the time!) down to a nubbin.  I dug it up and put it in a pot.

New leaves emerged,
and I overwintered the clematis in a pot by the south end of the house.
This past May, I planted the clematis in the ground next to the musk rose from Grandpa's house.
Just last Friday as I was mowing the yard, I saw the first bloom.  I'm delighted.  I guess this must be 'Clematis Jackmanii.'
(Caleb's pic)
I think I'll give myself a pat on the back.

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  1. Save for Bonnie’s blog:
    I like it, but not knowing that much about plants, I like the fact it is planted beside the 'Rose from Grandpa's house.' I love how you ID these dudes!

    (I am working on why I cannot comment of some blogs in Google Chrome, I have to to to AOL for some reason.)