Thursday, July 21, 2016

Butter beans

My little experiment with butter beans where I dug up the raspberry briars near the apple tree is starting to produce results.  I think I've only tried to grow butter beans once before, and I don't recall the first attempt being any kind of success at all.  As I mentioned, I cannot eat them, but my husband enjoys them.  Here is the small amount (just over a half cup) I shelled out this evening.  It would certainly have been more if I had waited till the beans were a little more mature.  I'm still on a learning curve there.
The vines have many more blooms on them, so hopefully I'll have more opportunity to learn how to pick a ripe bean.  Bending over to pick them sure gave my quads a workout.  A good workout without having to pay a gym membership fee--another bargain.

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  1. Save for Organic Discourse…
    I love butter beans, but they are too much work for me. There is a lot of work goes into shelling butter beans. I only remember helping mama as a child. I could bet with stringing beans and shelling peas but you work for what butter beans you get.
    I know the guitar picker will enjoy them.

    You are a persistent person I must say!