Friday, July 15, 2016

Lots of June bugs this year

In prior years, I remember June bugs being a pest when the figs ripen, but this year I'm seeing more in my blueberries than I remember seeing before.  Yesterday, I collected about a dozen June bugs with the Japanese beetles.
This morning, I collected about a half dozen June bugs at first.  Then I wised up and got a bucket of water to catch them in.  I got at least 30 more June bugs from my blueberry bushes.  There were even more that I noticed as I picked the blueberries; I guess I will get some of them tomorrow. The chickens next door are  enjoying their daily rations.

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  1. 1. Comment on Bonnie:
    2. I am smiling at myself. I would not eat the June bug, but I would eat the chicken!
    3. You amaze me, I would never have the patience to (catch) pick that many bugs. The boys should appreciate your protection of their future desserts. LOL