Monday, July 11, 2016

Blueberry bounty

July is blueberry season in these parts.  After not having any in 2015 because of a spring hailstorm, I'm enjoying a good harvest this year.

I've made a couple of batches of muffins and two small cheesecakes.

I've put some in the freezer, and I've eaten quite a bit fresh.  When I'm picking them I really eat more than I want because I often eat the berries that looked blemished in some small way--a soft spot, a bug hole, or something.
I have the Tifblue variety of rabbiteye blueberry.  It has been a good bush for me.  I also have a Delight variety, but I don't like the flavor of that variety as well as the Tifblue.  It might do well in cooked applications, though.  My Premier died, but the two I planted at Mom's are still producing, and they have a sweeter flavor.  I might try to plant another one of those in a different location in my yard this fall. 
I'm not the only one enjoying the harvest.  Since he has eaten all the wild cherries, the mockingbird is now in the blueberries.  The June bugs are in the blueberries as well (along with yellow jackets and other wasps).
They say blueberries are good for you, so when you're in the blueberries, you're in the pink.

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  1. Funny thing, growing up in NC I never heard of Blueberries until I left home. Sherry is the blue berry guy in our family, I am black berries.
    I do like blue berry baked goods. Those in the pic lookd good. Sherry bought some at the farmer's market and uses them on her cereal every morning.

    Yep, they tell me they are very healthful!
    Good on you!