Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring freeze

Wednesday morning we had a spring freeze.  It would be too time consuming to try to cover everything, so I let nature take it's course.  It's interesting to see what can make it and what can't.  I cut a few bouquets Tuesday evening in case some of the flowers froze.  It was a good thing I did.  Here is the azalea bouquet...
...and here is what the azalea bush looked like after the freeze
I made a bouquet of the kerria, but it seemed to fare better than the azalea.
Believe it or not, the Knock Out rose was already showing some blooms this early in the season.  So far it seems not to have fared too badly.
The apple tree looked fine, too.  Of course we have another freeze coming up which may be even colder.
When I walked around the house Wednesday morning, I smelled a unique smell that took me a few minutes to place.  Then I realized it was the distinctive smell of wilted fig leaves.  Poor tree!  It will put out more figs this season, but this first crop is demolished.
Some plants were protected by an overhanging tree and some plants are just more cold hardy.  We have another freeze coming tomorrow night.  We'll see if more things freeze then. 


  1. It is amazing how some do and some don't. I hope the apple tree makes it tomorrow night. It is sad, but that is nature. I always feel for the peach and orange farmers. I hope the mountain apple trees haven't bloomed too much yet. BUT the bouquet is very pretty!

    Love from over the road. We will stay here about another week then head for Belmont.
    Love sent from the boon docks!

  2. They predicted a frost here but it did't get as cold as they thought. If we can make it tonight, I think we'll make it. I hope your stuff bounces back.