Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mural in Carthage, NC

Recently ds and I rode through Carthage, NC, and I imposed upon him to shoot some pictures of a mural there.  I think this is a fairly recent mural.  It was done by Chapel Hill muralist Scott Nurkin.  The mural commemorates former Carthage resident James R. McConnell.
(all of these pictures taken by Caleb)
We looked at the dates... 30 years old when he died.  I'm old enough to think, "Just 30.''

Ninety-nine years ago, just 5 days after his thirtieth birthday, James R. McConnell died in battle fighting for France in WW1.  He flew with the Lafayette Escadrille.

The mural depicts the statue that was placed at McConnell's alma mater, the University of Virginia, in Charlottesville, VA.
I thought it was a good idea to paint a slice of history on a brick wall.  Good job, Carthage!


  1. I appreciate Murals. We always like them as we travel. We have not seen this one, but like the idea and the History lesson it depicts.

    Thanks (Good photography.)

  2. That is a beautiful mural and a great idea. We all have local heroes and sadly many don't know about them.